Monday, November 6, 2017

2017 Mitre 10 Cup Draw And Results

Week 1:

17 Aug, North Harbour v Otago, North Harbour, 7.35pm, Result 19-17 to North Harbour

18 Aug, Tasman v Canterbury, Nelson, 7.35pm, Result 39-0 to Canterbury

19 Aug, Hawkes Bay v Southland, Napier, 2.35pm, Result 24-16 to Hawkes Bay

19 Aug, Taranaki v Waikato, New Plymouth, 5.05pm, Result 34-29 to Taranaki

19 Aug, Counties Manukau v Auckland, Pukekohe, 7.35pm, Result 16-14 to Counties Man.

20 Aug, Northland v Bay of Plenty, Whangarei, 2.35pm, Result 28-23 to Northland

20 Aug, Manawatu v Wellington, Palmerston North, 4.35pm Result 41-29 to Wellington

Week 2:

24 Aug, Southland v North Harbour, Invercargill 7.35pm, Result 45-20 to North Harbour

25 Aug, Bay of Plenty v Hawkes Bay, Rotorua 5.45pm, Result 46-17 to Bay of Plenty

25 Aug, Waikato v Counties Manukau. Hamilton 7.45pm, Result 33-21 to Waikato

26 Aug, Wellington v Taranaki, Wellington 2.35pm, Result 42-26 to Wellington

26 Aug, Auckland v Northland, Auckland 4.35pm, Result 10-8 to Auckland

27 Aug, Manawatu v Tasman, Palmerston North 2.35pm, Result 35-20 to Manawatu

27 Aug, Canterbury v Otago, Christchurch 4.35pm, Result 30-24 to Canterbury

Week 3:

30 Aug, Auckland v Waikato, Auckland 7.35pm, Result 35-27 to Waikato

31 Aug, Bay of Plenty v Wellington, Rotorua 7.35pm, Result 31-10 to Wellington

1 Sept, Hawkes Bay v Canterbury, Napier 7.35pm, Result 53-10 to Canterbury

2 Sept, Otago v Manawatu, Dunedin 2.35pm, Result 40-30 to Otago

2 Sept, Southland v Northland, Invercargill 5.05pm, Result 44-13 to Northland

2 Sept, Taranaki v Counties Manukau, New Plymouth 7.35pm, Result 30-27 to Taranaki

3 Sept, Waikato v Tasman, Hamilton 2.35pm, Result 31-29 to Tasman

3 Sept, North harbour v Auckland, Albany 4.35pm, Result 57-10 to North Harbour

Week 4:

6 Sept, Wellington v Hawkes Bay, Wellington 7.35pm, Result 40-27 to Wellington

7 Sept, Counties Manukau v North harbour, Pukekohe 7.35pm, Result 18-27 to North Harbour

8 Sept, Canterbury v Southland, Christchurch 5.45pm, Result 78-20 to Canterbury

8 Sept, Manawatu v Bay of Plenty, Palmerston North 7.45pm, Result 17-20 to BOP

9 Sept, Auckland v Taranaki, Auckland 2.35pm, Result 38-49 to Taranaki

9 Sept, Northland v Waikato, Whangarei 4.35pm, Result 37-7 to Northland

10 Sept, Tasman v Wellington, Blenheim 2.35pm, Result 37-35 to Tasman

10 Sept, Hawkes Bay v Otago, Napier 4.35pm, Result 21-64 to Otago

Week 5:

13 Sept, Canterbury v Counties Manukau, Christchurch 7.35pm, Result 78-5 to Canterbury

14 Sept, Northland v North Harbour, Whangarei 7.35pm, Result 22-31 to North Harbour

15 Sept, Southland v Auckland, Invercargill 5.45pm, Result 17-27 to Auckland

!5 Sept, Taranaki v Bay of Plenty, New Plymouth 7.45pm, Result 29-7 to Taranaki

16 Sept, Waikato v Manawatu, Hamilton 2.35pm, Result 10-23 to Manawatu

16 Sept, Otago v Tasman, Dunedin 4.35pm, Result 27-29 to Otago

17 Sept, Counties Manukau v Hawkes Bay, Pukekohe 2.35pm, Result 33-14 to Counties Manukau

Week 6:

20 Sept, Bay of Plenty v Southland, Rotorua 7.35pm, Result 57-0 to BOP

21 Sept, Otago v Auckland, Dunedin 7.35pm, Result 34-26 to Otago

22 Sept, Manawatu v Northland, Palmerston North 7.35pm, Result 39-25 to Manawatu

23 Sept, North Harbour v Canterbury, Albany 2.35pm, Result 28-41 to Canterbury

23 Sept, Waikato v Wellington, Hamilton 5.05pm, Result 10-34 to Wellington

23 Sept, Hawkes Bay v Taranaki, Napier 7.35pm, Result 17-48 to Taranaki

24 Sept, Bay of Plenty v Counties Manukau, Tauranga 2.35pm, Result 31-31 Draw

24 Sept, Tasman v Southland, Nelson 4.35pm, Result 50-17 to Tasman

Week 7:

27 Sept, Northland v Otago, Whangarei 7.35pm, Result 32-30 to Northland

28 Sept, Taranaki v Tasman, New Plymouth 7.35pm, Result 40-26 to Taranaki

29 Sept, North Harbour v Hawkes Bay, Albany 7.35pm, Result 33-30 to North Harbour

30 Sept, Southland v Manawatu, Invercargill 2.35pm, Result 20-25 to Manawatu

30 Sept, Auckland v Bay of Plenty, Auckland 5.05pm, Result 38-19 to Auckland

30 Sept, Canterbury v Waikato, Christchurch 7.35pm, Result 37-17 to Canterbury

1 Oct, Wellington v Otago, Wellington 2.35pm, Result 27-24 to Wellington

1 Oct, Counties Manukau v Northland, Pukekohe 4.35pm, Result 25-16 to Counties Manukau

Week 8:

4 Oct, Tasman v North Harbour, Blenheim 7.35pm, Result 21-14 to Tasman

5 Oct, Manawatu v Counties Manukau, Palmerston North 7.35pm, 24-29 to Counties Manukau

6 Oct, Canterbury v Taranaki, Christchurch 7.35pm, Result 43-55 to Taranaki

7 Oct, Otago v Bay of Plenty, Dunedin 2.35pm, 28-36 to BOP

7 Oct, Northland v Hawkes Bay, Whangarei 5.05pm, 34-7 to Northland

7 Oct, Southland v Wellington, Invercargill 7.35pm, Result 12-61 to Wellington

8 Oct, Tasman v Auckland, Nelson 2.35pm, Result 31-18 to Tasman

8 Oct, Waikato v North Harbour, Hamilton 4.35pm, Result 11-13 to North Harbour

Week 9:

11 Oct, Taranaki v Manawatu, New Plymouth 7.35pm, Result 46-25 to Taranaki

12 Oct, Wellington v Northland, Wellington 7.35pm, Result 36-18 to Wellington

13 Oct, Auckland v Canterbury, Auckland 7.35pm, Result 27-32 to Canterbury

14 Oct, Bay of Plenty v Waikato, Tauranga 2.35pm, Result36-32 to BOP

14 Oct, Otago v Southland, Dunedin 5.05pm, Result 43-19 to Otago

14 Oct, Counties Manukau v Tasman, Pukekohe 7.35pm, Result 52-30 to Counties Manukau

15 Oct, North Harbour v Taranaki, Albany 2.35pm, Result 64-33 to North Harbour

15 Oct, Hawkes Bay v Manawatu, Napier 4.35pm, Result 36-31 to Hawkes Bay

Week 10: Semi-Finals

20 Oct, Wellington v Northland, Wellington 7.35pm, Result 49-21 to Wellington

21 Oct, Bay of Plenty v Otago, Tauranga 2.35pm, Tauranga 2.35pm, Result 48-22 to BOP

21 Oct, Canterbury v North Harbour, Christchurch 5.05pm, Result 35-24 to Canterbury

21 Oct, Taranaki v Tasman, New Plymouth 7.35pm, Result 29-30 to Tasman

Week 11: Final: Mitre 10 Cup Championship

27 Oct, Wellington v Bay of Plenty, Wellington 7.35pm, Result 59-45 to Wellington

Week 11: Final: Mitre 10 Cup Premiership

28 Oct, Canterbury v Tasman, Christchurch 7.35pm, Result 35-13 to Canterbury

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