New Zealand 2020 Mitre 10 Cup

The New Zealand 2020 Mitre 10 Cup consists of Premiership teams Tasman, Canterbury, North Harbour, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Waikato and Wellington, and Championship teams Counties Manukau, Otago, Northland, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, Southland and Taranaki.
All Mitre 10 Cup Premiership and Championship teams will play against each other once, and there will also be four crossover matches against Mitre 10 Cup teams from opposite divisions.

Week 1:

11 Sept. North Harbour v Canterbury, Albany 7.05pm Result 43-29 to Canterbury

12 Sept. Waikato v Wellington, Hamilton, 2.05pm, Result 53-28 to Waikato 

12 Sept. Otago v Auckland, Dunedin, 4.35pm, Result 38-6 to Auckland 

12 Sept. Counties Manukau v Tasman, Pukekohe, 7.05pm, Result 41-24 to Tasman 

13 Sept. Northland v Manawatu, Whangarei, 2.05pm, Result 43-26 to Northland 

13 Sept. Taranaki v Bay of Plenty, Inglewood, 2.05pm, Result 36-29 to Taranaki 

13 Sept. Southland v Hawkes Bay, Invercargill, 4.35pm, Result 16-10 to Southland 

Week 2:

18 Sept. Tasman v Northland, Blenheim, 7.05pm, Result 54-21 to Tasman  

19 Sept. Waikato v North Harbour, Hamilton, 2.05pm, Result 41-19 to Waikato 

19 Sept. Canterbury v Taranaki, Christchurch, 4.35pm, Result 23-22 to Taranaki (Ranfurly Shield) 

19 Sept. Bay of Plenty v Southland, Rotorua, 7.05pm, Result 17-14 to BOP

20 Sept. Hawkes Bay v Counties Manukau, Napier, 2.05pm, Result 31-17 to Hawkes Bay

20 Sept. Manawatu v Otago, Palmerston North, 2.05pm, Result 36-25 to Otago

20 Sept. Auckland v Wellington, Auckland 4.35pm, Result 39-21 to Wellington

Week 3:

25 Sept. Wellington v Bay of Plenty, Wellington, 7.05pm, Result 32-10 to Wellington

26 Sept. Tasman v Waikato, Nelson, 2.05pm, Result 34-17 to Tasman

26 Sept. Southland v North Harbour, Invercargill, 4.35pm, Result 11-10 to Southland

26 Sept. Hawkes Bay v Canterbury, Napier, 7.05pm, Result 20-29 to Hawkes Bay

27 Sept. Auckland v Manawatu, Auckland, 2.05pm, Result 50-12 to Auckland

27 Sept. Taranaki v Otago, Inglewood, 2.05pm (Ranfurly Shield) Result 30-19 to Otago

27 Sept. Counties Manukau v Northland, Pukekohe, 4.35pm, Result 24-15 to Northland

Week 4:

02 Oct. Bay of Plenty v Auckland, Rotorua, 7.05pm, Result 20-16 to Auckland

03 Oct. Counties Manukau v Manawatu, Pukekohe, 2.05pm, Result 36-30 to Counties Manukau

03 Oct. Northland v Taranaki, Whangarei, 4.35pm, Result 35-25 to Northland

03 Oct. Canterbury v Wellington, Christchurch, 7.05pm, Result 31-26 to Canterbury

04 Oct. North Harbour v Tasman, Albany, 2.05pm, 40-24 to North Harbour

04 Oct. Southland v Waikato, Invercargill, 2.05pm, Result 10-9 to Waikato

04 Oct. Otago v Hawkes Bay, Dunedin, 4.35pm, (Ranfurly Shield) Result 28-9 to Hawkes Bay

Week 5:

09 Oct. Manawatu v Canterbury, Palmerston North, 7.05pm, Result 34-10 to Canterbury

10 Oct. Taranaki v Auckland, Inglewood, 2.05pm, Result 29-28 to Auckland

10 Oct. North Harbour v Hawkes Bay, Albany, 2.05pm, Result 46-10 to North Harbour

10 Oct. Wellington v Otago, Wellington, 4.35pm, Result 35-34 to Otago

10 Oct. Waikato v Counties Manukau, Hamilton, 7.05pm, Result 36-13 to Waikato

11 Oct. Tasman v Bay of Plenty, Nelson, 1.15pm, Result 33-7 to Tasman

11 Oct. Northland v Southland, Whangarei, 1.15pm, Result 18-14 to Northland

Week 6:

16 Oct. Hawkes Bay v Northland, Napier, 7.05pm (Ranfurly Shield) Result 33-17 to Hawkes Bay

17 Oct. Manawatu v Bay of Plenty, Palmerston North, 2.05pm, Result 53-35 to BOP

17 Oct. Auckland v Tasman, Auckland, 4.35pm, Result 31-10 to Auckland

17 Oct. Southland v Taranaki, Invercargill, 7.05pm, Result 17-9 to Taranaki

18 Oct. Canterbury v Waikato, Christchurch, 2.05pm, Result 16-15 to Waikato

18 Oct. Otago v Counties Manukau, Dunedin, 2.05pm, Result 40-22 to Otago

18 Oct. Wellington v North Harbour, Wellington, 4.35pm, Result 25-20 to Wellington

Week 7:

23 Oct. Otago v Northland, Dunedin, 7.05pm, Result 30-7 to Otago

24 Oct. Bay of Plenty v Canterbury, Tauranga, 2.05pm, Result 44-8 to BOP

24 Oct. Hawkes Bay v Manawatu, Napier, 4.35pm, (Ranfurly Shield) Result 47-12 to Hawkes Bay

24 Oct.  North Harbour v Auckland, Albany, 7.05pm, Result 23-22 to North Harbour

25 Oct. Tasman v Southland, Nelson, 2.05pm, Result 47-10 to Tasman

25 Oct. Counties Manukau v Wellington, Pukekohe, 2.05pm, Result 53-20 to Wellington

25 Oct. Waikato v Taranaki, Hamilton, 4.35pm, Result 27-20 to Waikato

Week 8:

30 Oct. Canterbury v Otago, Christchurch, 7.05pm, Result 23-16 to Otago

31 Oct. Wellington v Tasman, Porirua, 2.05pm, Result 19-3 to Tasman

31 Oct. Northland v North Harbour, Whangarei, 4.35pm, Result 24-8 to North Harbour

31 Oct. Auckland v Waikato, Auckalnd, 7.05pm, Result 31-10 to Auckland

01 Nov. Manawatu v Southland, Feilding, 2.05pm, Result 24-12 to Manawatu

01 Nov. Bay of Plenty v Hawkes Bay, Tauranga, 2.05pm, Result 22-17 to BOP

01 Nov. Taranaki v Counties Manukau, Ingle wood, 4.35pm, Result 31-27 to Counties Manukau

Week 9: Fielding 

06 Nov. Southland v Otago, Invercargill, 7.05pm, Result 32-15 to Southland

07 Nov. Auckland v Northland, Auckland, 2.05pm, Result 24-20 to Auckland

07 Nov. North Harbour v Counties Manukau, Albany, 4.35pm, Result 32-5 to North Harbour

07 Nov. Tasman v Canterbury, Blenheim, 7.05pm, Result 29-0 to Canterbury

08 Nov. Hawkes Bay v Wellington, Napier, 2.05pm, Result 34-18 to Hawkes Bay

08 Nov. Waikato v Bay of Plenty, Hamilton, 2.05pm, Result 33-30 to BOP

08 Nov. Manawatu v Taranaki, Feilding, 4.35pm, Result 35-19 to Taranaki

Week 10:

13 Nov. Counties Manukau v Southland, Pukekohe, 7.05pm, Result 25-17 to Counties Manukau

14 Nov. Northland v Waikato, Kaikohe, 2.05pm, Result 28-17 to Waikato

14 Nov. Otago v Tasman, Dunedin, 4.35pm, Result 26-20 to Tasman

14 Nov. Wellington v Manawatu, Wellington, 7.05pm, Result 31-5 to Wellington

15 Nov. Bay of Plenty v North Harbour, Tauranga, 2.05pm, Result 37-33 to BOP

15 Nov. Taranaki v Hawkes Bay, Ingle wood, 2.05pm, Result 34-33 to Hawkes Bay

15 Nov. Canterbury v Auckland, Christchurch, 4.35pm, Result 34-33 to Canterbury

Semi Finals:

20 Nov. Otago v Northland, Dunedin, 7.05pm, Result 32-19 to Northland

21 Nov. Auckland v Waikato, Auckland, 2.05pm, Result 23-18 to Auckland

21 Nov. Hawkes Bay v Taranaki, 4.35pm, Result 59-23 to Hawkes Bay

21 Nov. Tasman v Bay of Plenty, Nelson, 7.05pm, Result 19-10 to Tasman


27 Nov. Hawkes Bay v Northland, Napier, 7.05pm Mitre 10 Cup Championship Final, 
Result 36-24 to Hawkes Bay.

28 Nov. Auckland v Tasman, Auckland 6.35pm, Mitre 10 Cup Premiership Final, 
Result 13-12 to Tasman