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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Farah Palmer Cup Week Four Results

ManawatÅ« Cyclones: 67 

Tries: Jayme Nuku, Rangi-Marie Sturmey, Kaia Walker-Waitoa 2, Lauran Balsillie 2, Layla Sae 2, Crystal Mayes, Elinor-Plum King, Janna Vaughan, Conversions: Walker-Waitoa, Carys Dallinger 4, Laura Claridge

Hawke's Bay Tuis: 12 

Tries: Amelia Pasikala, Michaela Baker, Conversion: Krysten Cottrell

Wellington Pride: 26 

Tries: Georgia Daals, Ayesha Leti-l'iga, Harmony Ioane, Conversion: Amanda Rasch, Penalties: Rasch 3

Counties Manukau Heat: 25 

Tries: Kalo Cuthers 2, Shannon Muru, Conversions: Hazel Tubic 2, Penalty: Tubic

Otago Spirit: 22 

Tries: Daimzel Rongokea, Cheyenne Cunningham, Teilah Ferguson, Conversions: Sheree Hume 2, Penalty: Hume 

Waikato: 29 

Tries: Chelsea Alley, Victoria Edmonds 2, Mia Anderson, Kennedy Simon, Conversions: Ariana Bayler 2

North Harbour Hibiscus: 24 

Tries: Jessie Courtenay Malupo, Wairakau Greig, Kate Williams, Tenaija Fletcher, Conversions: Hayley Hutana 2 

Taranaki Whio: 10 

Tries: Keighley Simpson, Aroha Nuku

Northland: 27 

Tries: Sela Moata'ane, Victoria Subritzky-Nafatali 2, Tiaho Mahanga, Krystal Murray, Conversion: Murray

Tasman: 0 

Auckland Storm: 7 

Try: Aldora Itunu, Conversion: Ruahei Demant 

Canterbury: 32 

Tries: Grace Steinmetz, Olivia McGoverne, Phillipa Love, Amy Rule, Jorja Miller, Conversions: Kendra Cocksedge 2, Penalty: Rosie Kelly

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Black Ferns Sevens Win Gold In Tokyo

The All Black Ferns women's sevens side has beaten France 26-12 to win gold at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The New Zealand side had progressed to the final after a close 22-17 win over Fiji in the semi-final after scoring a golden point try in extra time. The play-off for bronze saw Fiji beat Great Britain 21-12.


New Zealand: 22 

Tries: Gayle Broughton 2, Stacey Fluhler, Portia Woodman, Conversion: Tyla Nathan-Wong 

Fiji: 17 

Tries: Reapi Ulunasau, Vasiti Solikoviti, Conversion: Viniana Riwai


New Zealand: 26 

Tries: Michaela Blyde, Gayle Broughton, Stacey Fluhler, Tyla Nathan-Wong, Conversion: Nathan-Wong 3

France: 12 

Tries: Caroline Drouin, Anne-Cecile Ciofani, Conversion: Ciofani

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Farah Palmer Cup Week Two Results

Week two of the Farah Palmer Cup saw a full round of matches, with wins to North Harbour at home over Tasman, Northland over Hawkes Bay in Napier, Canterbury over Waikato in Hamilton, Manawatu over Taranaki at home, Counties Manukau over Bay of Plenty at home, and Auckland over Otago in Dunedin. 

North Harbour: 35 

Tries: Hayley Hutana, Jade Wong, Anita Berry, Kate Williams, Ciara O'Connor, Conversions: Hutana 2, Penalties: Hutana 2 

Tasman: 32 

Tries: Easter Savelio, Eleri James-Smithers, Karla Wright-Akeli, Jess Foster-Lawrence, Eve Findlay, Conversions: Findlay 2, Penalty: Finlay

Canterbury 24 

Tries: Kendra Cocksedge 2, Grace Steinmetz, Conversions: Cocksedge 3, Penalty: Cocksedge

Waikato: 17 

Tries: Grace Houpapa-Barrett, Tanya Kalounivale, Kelsey Teneti, Conversion: Chelsea Alley

Northland Kauri: 46 

Tries: Kamila Wihongi, Sela Moata'ane, Hikitia Wikaira, Timara Leaf, Krystal Murray 2, Hinewai Pomare, Holli O'Sullivan, Conversions: Leilani Erwin, Murray, Tyler Nankiville

Hawke's Bay: 31 

Tries: Michaela Baker 2, Harmony Kautai 2, Moomooga Palu, Conversions: Krysten Cottrell

Manawatu: 48 

Tries: Janna Michel Vaughan 2, Lucy Brown 2, Crystal Mayes 2, Lauren Basillie 2, Conversions: Carys Dallinger 4 

Taranaki: 5 

Try: Aroha Nuku

Counties Manukau: 21 

Tries: Leilani Perese, Aeron Kalela Warbrooke, Conversion: Hazel Tubic, Penalties: Tubic 3

Bay of Plenty: 13 

Tries: Manaia Nuku, Karli Faneva, Penalty: Kalyn Takitimu-Cook

Auckland: 39 

Tries: Tafito Lafaele 2, Maiakawanakaulani Roos, Natahlia Moors, Cristo Tofa, Conversions: Ruahei Demant 4, Penalties: Demant 2

Otago: 15 

Tries: Keely Hill, Oceana Campbell, Conversion: Sheree Hume, Penalty: Hume 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Farah Palmer Cup Week One Results

The opening round of the 2021 Farah Palmer Cup has seen wins for Canterbury, Auckland and Wellington. Defending champions Canterbury had a nine tries to two 59-12 win over Counties Manukau in Christchurch on Saturday, with Black Ferns halfback Kendra Cocksedge getting a double as well as centre Grace Booker. Auckland has beaten Bay of Plenty 44-12 at Eden Park in wet conditions, with a second half surge after only leading 15-5 at halftime. On Sunday Wellington defeated Otago 13-5 at Jerry Collins Stadium, with their defense proving the difference. With lots of errors marring Otago's game, it wasn't until the 74th minute that right wing Daimzel Rongokea scored the first points for the visitors.

Canterbury: 59 

Tries: Lucy Anderson, Kendra Cocksedge 2, Grace Brooker 2, Isabella Waterman, Alana Bremner, Olivia McGoverne, Tayla Simpson, Conversions: Cocksedge 5, Waterman 2

Counties Manukau: 12 

Tries: Emily Kitson, Amiria Te Iringa, Conversions: Hazel Tubic

Auckland: 44 

Tries: Maia Roos, Shannon Leota, Princess Elliot, Cristo Tofa, Sylvia Brunt, Sam Curtis, Conversions: Rauhei Demant 4, Penalties: Demant 2

Bay of Plenty: 12 

Tries: Grace Parata-Stewart, Kiki Tahere, Conversion: Ashleigh Timoko

Wellington: 13 

Try: Monica Tagoai, Conversion: Amanda Rasch, Penalties: Rasch 2

Otago: 5 

Try: Daimzel Rongokea 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Canterbury Win Farah Palmer Cup

Canterbury have won the 2020 Farah Palmer Cup after beating Waikato 8-7 in Christchurch on Saturday. Canterbury scored a late try with time up on the clock to secure their fourth consecutive title.

Canterbury: 8

Try: Cindy Nelles, Penalty: Kendra Cocksedge


Try: Kennedy Simon, Conversion: Chelsea Alley

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Farah Palmer Cup Finals Teams Named

Waikato v Canterbury, 2.15pm Saturday 31 October, Rugby Park, Christchurch.

Both Waikato and Canterbury are unbeaten this season in their respective northern and southern pools, and face off in the final match of the season for the Farah Palmer Cup. In 13 previous matches, Waikato have never beaten Canterbury in Christchurch, while Canterbury are defending champions, with at total of three titles.


1-Toka Natua, 2-Grace Houpapa-Barret, 3-Tanya Kalounivale, 4-Chyna Hohepa, 5-Mia Anderson, 6-Ashlee Gaby-Sutherland, 7-Emma-Lee Heta, 8-Kennedy Simon, 9-Ariana Bayler, 10-Tenika Willison, 11-Stacy Fluhler, 12-Chelsea Alley (c), 13-Carla Hohepa, 14-Cheyelle Robin-Reti, 15-Renee Holmes

Reserves: 16-Merania Paraone, 17-Stephanie Lualua, 18-Esther Tilo-Faiaoga, 19-Leonie Kloppers, 20-Sina Hetet, 21-Makaia Riki-Te Kanawa, 22-Kelsey Teneti


1. Phillipa Love 2. Rebecca Todd 3. Amy Rule 4. Chelsea Bremner 5. Cindy Nelles 6. Alana Bremner (c) 7. Lucy Jenkins 8. Lucy Anderson 9. Kendra Cocksedge 10. Terauoriwa Gapper 11. Sam Curtis 12. Liv McGoverne 13. Grace Brooker 14. Martha Lolohea 15. Grace Steinmetz

Reserves: 16. Trina Greenslade 17. Georgia Ponsonby 18. Angie Sisifa 19. Easter Savelio 20. Sophie O’Cain 21. Isabella Waterman 22. Olivia Coady

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Farah Palmer Cup Semi-Final Matches

Waikato has finished in top position for the North pool after beating Auckland 26-17 at Eden Park, and they will play Manawatu in the semi-final after they beat Hawkes Bay 29-12. Canterbury beat Tasman 84-0, and they will play Auckland in the other semi-final, after Auckland qualified through the tie-beaker ruling. 

Semifinal 1: 

Canterbury v Auckland, Saturday 24 October, 4.35pm, Rugby Park Christchurch

Semifinal 2: 

Waikato v Manawatu, Sunday 25 October, 2.05pm, FMG Stadium Waikato 

Week Seven Results:

Hawke's Bay: 12 

Tries: Michaela Baker, Amelia Pasikala, Conversion: Krysten Cottrell

Manawatu 29 

Tries: Selica Winiata, Rangimarie Sturmey, Kalyn Takitimu-Cook, Carys Dallinger, Kaia-Hayes Walker-Waitoa, Conversions: Winiata 


Canterbury: 84 

Tries: Kendra Cocksedge, Cindy Nelles, Lucy Jenkins 2, Alana Bremner 2, Angie Sisifa , Liv McGoverne 2, Matha Lolohea 4, Rebecca Todd, Conversions: Cocksedge 2, McGoverne 4

Tasman: 0


Bay of Plenty: 0 

Northland: 32 

Tries: Alisha Proctor, Portia Woodman, Tyla Nathan-Wong, Krystal Murray, Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate, Conversions: Murray, Timara Leaf, Penalty: Leaf


Taranaki: 3 

Penalty: Chloe Sampson

Counties Manukau: 107 

Tries: Harono Te Iringa, Lanulangi Veainu, Grace Gago 3, Aotearoa Matau 2, Amiria Te Iringa, Shyanne Thompson 2, Ilisapeti Molia 2, Ruby Tui 2, Glory Aiono, Larissa Lima, Temira Mataroa, Conversions: Hazel Tubic 11


Wellington: 27 

Tries: Kolora Lomani 2, Monica Tagoai, Conversions: Thamsyn Newton 3, Penalties: Newton 2

Otago: 24 

Tries: Amy du Plessis, Teilah Ferguson, Kiana Wereta, Penalty try, Conversion: Rosie Kelly


Auckland: 17 

Tries: Sylvia Brunt, Patricia Maliepo, Conversions: Maliepo 2, Penalty: Maliepo 

Waikato: 26 

Tries: Mia Anderson, 2, Renee Holmes, Toka Natua, Conversions: Chelsea Alley 3

Match Highlights Here

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Farah Palmer Cup Week Six Results

Counties Manukau: 17 

Tries: Larissa Lima E Silva, Ruby Tui, Glory Aiono, Conversion: Hazel Tubic

Bay of Plenty: 10 

Tries: Alena Saili 2

North Harbour: 0 

Waikato: 62 

Tries: Stacey Fluhler 3, Makaia Rike-Te Kanawa 2, Merania Paraone, Ashlee Gaby-Sutherland, Grace Houpapa-Barrett, Kelsey Teneti, Manaia Nuku, Conversions: Chelsea Alley, Tenika Willison 5 

Match Highlights Here

Northland: 77 

Tries: Portia Woodman 6, Ngawaiora Davis 3, Aroha Savage, Tyler Nankiville, Tyla Nathan-Wong, Krystal Murray, Conversions: Murray 6 

Taranaki: 3 

Penalty: La Toya Mason

Match Highlights Here

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Farah Palmer Cup Week Four Team Lists

 Wellington Pride v Manawatu Cyclones, Friday 25 September, 4.35pm, Sky Stadium, Wellington

Wellington Pride: 1. Raylene Lolo 2. Precious Auimatagi 3. Isadora Laupola 4. Joanah Ngan-Woo 5. Charlene Gubb 6. Nina Foaese 7. Sinead Toala-Ryder 8. Dhys Faleafaga 9. Acacia Claridge-Te Iwimate 10. Vaine Marsters 11. Ayesha Leti-I’iga 12. Fa’asua Makisi 13. Monica Tagoai 14. Lyric Faleafaga 15. Thamsyn Newton

Reserves: 16. Alice Soper 17. Barbra Taumoli 18. Sanita Levave 19. Rejieli Uluinavau 20. Emily Dalley 21. Georgia Daals 22. Marcelle Parkes

Manawatu Cyclones: 1. Marilyn Live 2. Jayme Nuku 3. Sosoli Talawadua 4. Kahurangi Sturmey 5. Rachael Rakatau 6. Rhiarna Ferris 7. Sam Tipene 8. Kaipo Olsen-Baker 9. Lucy Brown 10. Carys Dallinger 11. Janna Michal Vaughan 12. Rebekah Cordero Tufaga 13. Crystal Mayes 14. Rangimarie Sturmey 15. Selica Winiata ©

Reserves: 16. Ngano Tavake 17. Lavenia Nauga-Grey 18. Ashleigh Knight 19. Taylor Waterson 20. Paige Lush 21. Kaia-Hayes Walker-Waitoa 22. Alesha Williams


Tasman Mako v Otago Spirit, Saturday 26 September, 11.35am, Trafalgar Park, Nelson 

Tasman Mako: 1. Anna Bradley 2. Stephani Mitchell 3. Alisi Seigafo 4. Gina Healey 5. Hannah Gillespie 6. Elisha Godsiff 7. Tamara Silcock 8. Louise Nalder 9. Pippa Andrews 10. Anna Schultz 11. Sydnee Wilkins 12. Demi Salton 13. Michelle Curry 14. Eve Findlay 15. Bethan Manners

Reserves: 16. Diane Huntley 17. Ashley Manaia Ulutupu 18. Jess Harvie 19. Hopaea Hillman 20. Ariana Te Kawa-Wiremu 21. Alesha Dempster 22. Amanda Fitisemanu

 Otago Spirit: 1. Eilis Doyle 2. Tegan Hollows 3. Paige Church 4. Kate Smith 5. Julia Gorinski 6. Bree Thomas 7. Zoe Whatarau 8. Morgan Henderson 9. Rosie Buchanan-Brown 10. Rosie Kelly 11. Teilah Ferguson 12. Kilisitina Moata’ane 13. Amy du Plessis 14. Meg Breen 15. Hinemoa Watene

Reserves: 16. Gemma Millar 17. Lucy Cahill 18. Maddie Feaunati 19. Leah Miles 20. Maia Joseph 21. France Bloomfield 22. Jamie Church

North Harbour Hibiscus v Auckland Storm, Saturday 26 September, 1pm, Outer Oval (behind North Harbour Stadium)

North Harbour Hibiscus: 1. Clementine Varea 2. Amy Robertshaw 3. Olivia Ward-Duin 4. Manutalaaho Huni 5. Sophie Fisher 6. Tenaija Fletcher 7. Kate Williams 8. JayJay Taylor  9. Hailey Beale 10. Hayley Hutana 11. Latisha Trigwell-Achmad 12. Phoenix Littin 13. Lose Mafi 14. Mollie Tagaloa 15. Renee Adams

Reserves: 16. Lynn Koelman 17. Toakase Filimoehala 18. Tearren Nanjan 19. Anita Berry 20. Tamea Te Rauna 21. Danielle Mellow 22. Brooke Ellison

 Auckland Storm: 1. Chryss Viliko 2. Saphire Abraham 3. Aldora Itunu 4. Eloise Blackwell © 5. Tafito Lafaele 6. Tamara Ati 7. Shannon Leota 8. Liana Mikaele-Tu’u 9. Luisa Togotogorua 10. Patricia Maliepo 11. Grace Kukatai 12. Ruahei Demant 13. Theresa Fitzpatrick 14. Leianne Tufaga 15. Daynah Nankivell

Reserves: 16. Cristo Tofa 17. Aleisha-Pearl Nelson 18. Ti Tauasosi 19. Charmaine McMenamin 20. Lovely Pulotu 21. Joeannah Uaseli-Purcell 22. Natahlia Moors


Bay of Plenty Volcanix v Taranaki Whio, Saturday 26 September, 2pm, Blake Park, Mount Maunganui

Bay of Plenty Volcanix: 1. Abbey Grainger 2. Luka Connor 3. Baye Jacob 4. Amanda Aldridge 5. Kelsie Wills 6. Tynealle Fitzgerald 7. Les Elder © 8. Pia Tapsell 9. Risaleaana Pouri-Lane 10. Kelly Brazier 11. Mahina Paul 12. Layla TeRiini 13. Mererangi Paul 14. Alena Saili 15. Kiani Tahere

Reserves: 16. Natalie Delamere 17. Braxton Walker 18. Brooklyn Teki-Joyce 19. Kura Walker 20. Sela Moata’ane 21. Hope Garner 22. Esra Van Ramele

Taranaki Whio: 1. Tachelle Gardiner 2. Donia King 3. Leah Barnard 4. Victoria McCullough 5. Freedom Edmonds 6. Catriona Tulloch 7. Chelsea Fowler 8. Tiana Davidson 9. Kelsyn McCook 10. Gayle Broughton 11. Chloe Sampson 12. Danielle Muggeridge 13. Kaya-Rose Kahui 14. Sharniqua Weston-Jacobson 15. Kate Parkinson

Reserves: 16. Nicole Whittle 17. Jaymi Ngaia 18. Sharee Brown 19. Aliena Wallis 20. Alicia Manuirirangi 21. Natale Haupapa 22. Paige Neilson


Hawke’s Bay Tui v Canterbury, Saturday 26 September, 4.35pm, McLean Park, Napier

Hawke’s Bay Tui: 1. Iukika Faavae 2. Forne Burkin  3. Whitley Mareikura 4. Nina Pineaha 5. Rebekah Hurae 6. Laurae Blake 7. Niamh Jefferson 8. Kathleen Brown 9. Emma Jensen 10. Krysten Cottrell 11. Harmony Kautai 12. Jaimee Robin 13. Amelia Pasikala 14. Nicolette Adamson 15. Cortez Te Pou

Reserves: 16. Amber McKenzie 17. Kara Huata 18. Moomooga (Ashley) Palu 19. Lara Kendrick 20. Teagan Meyer 21. Shaylee Tipiwai 22. Kaitlin Bates

Canterbury: 1. Pip Love 2. Georgia Ponsonby 3. Amy Rule 4. Chelsea Bremner 5. Cindy Nelles 6. Alana Bremner 7. Greer O’Rourke 8. Lucy Anderson 9. Kendra Cocksedge 10. Terauoriwa Gapper 11. Grace Steinmetz 12. Liv McGoverne 13. Grace Brooker 14. Martha Lolohea 15. Isabella Waterman

Reserves: 16. Rebecca Todd 17. Trina Greenslade 18. Angie Sisifa 19. Lucy Jenkins 20. Sophie O’Cain 21. Cassie Siataga 22. Sam Curtis


Counties Manukau Heat v Northland Kauri, Sunday 27 September, 2.05pm, Navigation Homes Stadium, Pukekohe

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Farah Palmer Cup Week Two Results and Week Three Draw

Farah Palmer Cup Week Two Results:

Bay of Plenty: 67 v North Harbour: 17

Canterbury: 36 v Manawatu: 10

Waikato: 76 v Taranaki: 14

Wellington: 62 v Tasman: 0

Auckland:29 v Northland: 22

Otago: 29 v Hawkes Bay: 20

Week Three Draw:

Saturday 19th, Wellington v Hawke’s Bay, 12.30pm, Hutt Recreation Ground, Wellington

Saturday 19th, Canterbury v Otago, 2.05pm, Orangetheory Stadium, Christchurch

Saturday 19th, Taranaki v North Harbour, 2.45pm, TET Stadium, Inglewood

Saturday 19th, Bay of Plenty v Waikato, 4.35pm, Rotorua International Stadium

Sunday 20th, Manawatu v Tasman, 11.35am, Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North

Sunday 20th, Auckland v Counties Manukau, 2.05pm, Eden Park, Auckland